At The Festival


Please arrive at the Festival venue at least 2 hours before your event.

When you arrive at the entrance to the festival venue kindly register yourself at the table / station with the ARTISTS sign in. You will then be guided to the Artists’ Lounge which is set up exclusively for festival artists and facilitators.


At the Artists’ Lounge, you will be provided with snacks and drinks. You will also be provided with lunch/meal vouchers (only for the days you have a session(s) at the venue).

You will also meet your event co-hosts/panellists and interviewees there. The venue will have an open access Wi-fi connection.

You will get directions to your event venue and a venue manager will arrange a visit of the venue for microphone and logistics checks. The site map will be posted online and printed out at the Artists Lounge.

Please make an effort to arrive at the Artists’ Lounge at least 15 minutes before your session starts, and wait for the venue manager who will pick you up and guide you to your venue. This system is crucial for the Festival to run smoothly, so we are kindly asking you to adhere to these guidelines unless there is a clear and explicit agreement otherwise with the festival management.


There will be an appropriate number of seats on stage and microphones for the facilitator and interviewee(s). Please welcome the audience and introduce the interviewee and/or panellists, and then proceed to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible – you only have one hour and thirty minutes!

After one hour and fifteen minutes, the venue manager will let you know that you have 15 minutes to wrap up, and let the audience know about the book-signing, if you agreed in advance to have one (see below).


Note: After each event, you can sign copies of your own book(s) at the Festival bookshop. This needs to be agreed on well in advance, so that Festival management has adequate time to arrange & promote the event successfully.  The festival bookshop operates on a sale-or-return basis at 25% margin. Please let us know in advance if we need to organize this with your publisher or whether you will organize this.

After your session, the venue manager will walk onto the stage and invite the author(s) and the audience to proceed to the book-signing venue.

If you have any questions regarding how your session will run, kindly let us know (your main contact person is Luigi.


Your personal belongings: Please bear in mind, that it is your responsibility to safeguard and keep track of your personal belongings. Storymoja Festival is not responsible for any loss or damage of your belongings before, during, and after the festival. If you would like us keep any of your requisites, we will be happy to offer the Festival storeroom. Please let us know about that in advance.

Parking: Free Parking will be provided.